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Gaining Experience

Office of Student Civic Engagement

Volunteering provides an opportunity to give back to the surrounding community. It also offers students an excellent way to learn about work environments, gain career information, test out skills learned in the classroom, and gain valuable experience. Students interested in volunteer opportunities are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Civic Engagement (OSCE).

Student Employment

The Student Employment Program (SEP) assists students in completing the necessary employment forms and obtaining on-campus and community service employment.

Part-time Jobs

Off-campus part-time, temporary and seasonal employment opportunities are posted in ColonialTRAK.


Internships are work experiences in which students also learn about their field. They can be paid, nonpaid, for academic credit, or a noncredit experience. The Career and Professional Development Center posts internship positions in ColonialTRAK. Students may search ColonialTRAK and submit their resume online for positions that interest them. Students are also encouraged to search for internships independently using a variety of successful strategies outlined in the Experiential Learning Tip Sheet. Students interested in receiving academic credit for an internship must apply to the Academic Internship Program.

Academic Internship Program

Over 300 students participate annually in this academic employment learning experience. Working jointly with the academic departments, the Career and Professional Development Center coordinates this program by assisting students through the application and internship search process.

Forms, Procedures & Additional Information

Full-time Positions

The Career Center provides a variety of resources and services to help students and alumni find full-time positions.
  1. Career Coaching - Students and alumni may meet with a Career Coach in the Career and Professional Development Center to outline effective job search strategies, review resumes and cover letters, and discuss interviewing techniques. Students may also opt to conduct a videotaped practice interview to receive specific feedback about their interviewing skills. To meet with a Career Coach, please call the Career and Professional Development Center for an appointment.

  2. ColonialTRAK - Employers frequently contact the Career and Professional Development Center for assistance in advertising available full-time positions. The Career Center posts all full-time positions in the ColonialTRAK system.

  3. Job Fairs - Each year the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) organizes the fall Career Expo and Spring Career Fair, job fairs that attracts approximately 150 employers seeking candidates for full-time and internship positions. The CPDC also works with several consortium job fairs including the WestPACS Job Fair, held biannually in Monroeville for all majors, and the PERC Job Fair, held each spring in Monroeville for education majors. For information on additional job fairs, please refer to the "Career Fairs and Events" section of ColonialTRAK.