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Exploring Career Options

Career Counseling

Career Center staff members are available to meet with you to help you identify possible career options based on your interests, skills, and values. The Career Center is organized on a school-specific model; there is one career counselor who focuses on each school or department at the University. To make an appointment with your career counselor, please call the Career Center.

Building Your Future (Four Year Plan)

Career planning is a process that requires time to examine your interests, skills and values. Building Your Future, A Career Planning Guide for Students, outlines specific activities you should consider each year in order to choose a career path and develop the skills employers seek.

Interest Inventory

The office also offers an interest inventory that assesses your interests in detail and suggests specific career paths you may want to consider based on your interests. If you would like to take an interest inventory, please call the Career Center for an appointment.

Informational Interviewing

This technique involves talking with someone in a field that interests you to gain information. It can help you gain realistic and current information about an occupation, make choices about your career goals and gain specific internship and job search tips. Please read our Career Center - Informational Interviewing Tip Sheet for more details.

Career Planning Books

The Career Center has a variety of books available that provide detailed information about specific careers. These Career Library resources can be very helpful in learning more about specific jobs you may be considering.

Career Resource Guides

The Career Center has resource guides for each major on campus. These Career Resource Guides are an excellent starting point for career exploration and provide information on the following: career options, typical job titles, related periodicals, professional associations, employment websites, relevant student groups on campus, national salary data, and names of organizations where students in your major have completed internships or received full-time positions.