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Resume Writing Checklist

Contact Information
  1. Did I include my proper name, permanent address, campus address (if applicable), phone number, and email address? Note: Be sure to use a professional-sounding email address.
  2. Did I consider if my resume will likely be scanned? If so, did I follow the guidelines for scanner friendly resumes? Did I consider necessary changes if sending resume electronically?
  1. Do I need an objective?
  2. Does my objective make a concise and worthwhile statement of my interests?
  3. Does it focus on what I am offering the employer, rather than what I hope to gain?
  1. Did I list the official/proper name of my degree AND major?
  2. Did I list Robert Morris University (not college) and include the campus address, “Moon Township, PA?”
  3. Did I list the month and year I earned my degree or expect to earn it?
  4. Did I list my GPA if 3.0 or higher or if specifically required by the employer? (Did I calculate my GPA in major and list it if appropriate?)
  1. For each job I list, did I include the organization’s name, city and state, my job title, and the dates of employment (month and year, not separated by commas)?
  2. Did I keep dates to the right side of the page, putting more emphasis on job title or employer (focusing more on what I did rather than how long)?
  3. Did I list relevant duties and accomplishments, quantifying them when possible?
  4. Did I start each phrase with an action verb?
  5. Did I use the appropriate verb tenses (present for current jobs, past for all others)?
Project Experience
  1. Did I include any significant and relevant course projects?
  2. Did I include the course name, semester taken and descriptions of my role/accomplishments (written as the jobs descriptions are, starting each phrase with an action verb)?
  1. Did I include relevant skills (computer, communication, foreign languages, etc.)?
  2. Did I list specific skills rather than general statements/claims?
    1. “Excellent communication skills” (general) vs. “Completed an eight course Communication Skills Program focused on writing, public speaking, cultural communication, business communication, and group work.”(specific)
    2. “Programming” (general) vs. “C++, Java, COBOL” (specific)
  1. Did I include any campus or community activities that demonstrate time management, volunteerism, leadership, and communication skills?
  2. Did I provide more details about my role in activities that relate to my major?
  1. Did I list the most important and relevant information first?
  2. Did I use good quality paper in a light color (white, ivory, etc.)?
  3. Did I use an appropriate font and size (10-12 point)?
  4. If two pages, did I list my name and “page two” on the top of the second page?
  5. Did I spell check my resume and have at least three people proofread it to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors?
  6. Was I consistent with punctuation and the format in which I wrote dates (spelled out months, abbreviated, used numerals)?
  7. Did I use a consistent format for my resume throughout the entire document?
  8. Did I list my jobs, projects and activities within a consistent format?
  9. Did I use consistent spacing?