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Employer Resources and Services

On-Campus Recruiting

This service provides you with the opportunity to interview candidates in the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC). On-campus interviews are the most convenient and effective method for employers to identify and select top-quality candidates. ColonialTRAK, our online job posting system, allows you to prescreen and select interview candidates from resumes of interested students.

Off-Campus Recruiting (Postings)

ColonialTRAK also provides you the opportunity to post your part-time jobs, internships, full-time entry level and experienced positions to all RMU students and alumni registered with the CPDC. Students and alumni may submit their resume online to an email address supplied by the employer, or you may refer students and alumni to apply directly to your company website. Positions are typically posted for one month, but you may also choose alternate deadline dates/posting time frames. This service is convenient for employers who choose to conduct interviews at their place of business or prescreen interview candidates before scheduling an on-campus recruiting visit.

Employer Access to ColonialTRAK

Employers have the ability to post their own positions on ColonialTRAK through password access. Once the CPDC has approved your employer profile, you have the opportunity to post jobs online or request on-campus interview dates. When posting positions, you will receive email confirmation once your position has been approved and is viewable to students and alumni. For on-campus recruiting, this access allows you to monitor candidates' responses to your position(s) and review resumes prior to the resume submission deadline for students.

Employer Login

If you prefer to have the CPDc post your positions, please contact our office. We will be happy to work with you using the option that best suits your needs.

Experiential Learning

Students participate in numerous career-related activities while obtaining their degree. Consider our students to fill your internship, cooperative education and volunteer positions. Often, students may be able to receive academic credit for these experiences. Many students seek part-time positions as well.

Career Fairs

Job fairs are held each fall and spring in the Sewall Center for Leadership on our Moon Township campus. Whether your organization has part-time, internship or permanent full-time positions, these highly visible events allow you to share career and employment information with students and identify potential candidates for current or future openings. Registration is available online through ColonialTRAK.

Employer Presentations

These sessions are a great forum to showcase your organization and opportunities to a directed student group prior to your on-campus recruiting visit.

Visibility Opportunities

 Volunteering with the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) can greatly increase and sustain your visibility on campus. Participate in programs and workshops organized by the CPDC and/or student organizations. Often, volunteering to be a speaker is an effective way to meet and interact with a large number of students.

Faculty Contacts

Faculty members are an excellent source for detailed information about academic programs. Through these relationships, opportunities may be generated for you to conduct a class presentation, have students tour your facility, or have a student group take on one of your organization's projects for a class assignment.