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Developing Skills

Resume Writing

The resume is often the first impression a candidate makes on an employer, so it must be persuasive, easy to read and professionally written. Our Resume Writing Tip Sheet includes detailed instruction and samples.

Cover Letter Writing

The cover letter informs an employer about your career goals, relevant skills and experience, and reason for applying.


You can be the best candidate for a job, but you won't be hired if you fail to present yourself well in the interview. The Interviewing Tip Sheet presents information on what to do before, during, and after an interview. It also includes pages of commonly asked questions to help you prepare.

Job Search Strategies

Read through our Job Search Strategies Tip Sheet to learn about the many different methods to search for positions. The tip sheet includes specific strategies and helpful suggestions.

Networking Strategies

Networking is the most successful job search strategy but is often one of the least utilized. The Networking Strategies Tip Sheet includes specific ideas on how to identify networking contacts, initiate the process and follow-up appropriately.

Job Fair Preparation

Job fairs provide employers an opportunity to meet many candidates in one forum. In order to make a professional and lasting impression on the employer, the key to success is preparation. The Job Fair Preparation Tip Sheet provides specific suggestions.

Graduate School Planning

The Graduate School Planning Tip Sheet provides insight into the graduate school application process and timeline.